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The seasons in New England are part of what make it so special here. Every late fall when I feel the air getting crisper, I start to get excited for the holidays. I love the gatherings that happen, and all of the special care and preparations that we put into them. In my Holiday section I offer some of my favorite ornaments, scents, and decor to help you bring the magic of New England into your home, wherever you may be celebrating!   Nicola Signature


Close your eyes and picture a special moment...Was there a sunset? Fireworks, or the flickering flow of candlelight? The twinkling lights on the Christmas tree, early Christmas morning? Good lighting can elevate an ordinary moment into the extaroidinary, and create memories. In my lighting collection I offer a selection of lights, vessels, and candles, all of which I think lend a little extra magic to a space.Nicola Signature


The details are what make a home great. Soft textures, worn wood, a high gloss accent- the juxtaposition of these divergent elements give a space dimension. In Decor, I offer a selection of art, rugs, objects, and curiosities that can help take your home to the next level.   Nicola Signature